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An Open Letter to World Steering Committee, WYP 2005

Dear Colleagues,

In response to your call for the ideas and information to promote the World Year of Physics, I wish to bring to your attention the revolutionary work of Dr. Gennady Shipov, Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Science and Director of Science Center of Vacuum Physics.

Most fortuitously as we celebrate the 100th anniversary of Albert Einstein articulation of the Special Theory of Relativity, representing the first generalization of Newtonian mechanics for the velocities close to that of light speed, Dr. Shipov has completed his work on establishing the Unified Field Theory with experimental verifications which was Einstein’s ultimate goal. The equations of Dr. Shipov Unified Theory describe all known (and unknown) physical interactions.

Einstein had followed up his first generalization of Newton mechanics with second in 1915, the General Relativity Theory, and a third in 1928 Quantum Mechanics.

Now with Dr. Shipov’s fourth and hopefully not final generalization, building on the works on Moshe Carmelli and Roger Penrose, Dr. Shipov had experimentally shown that the inertial mass of an object depends upon the angular velocity and angular acceleration of the rotating elements inside the Macro mass system and that is possible to change the inertial mass of an object by controlling the rotation of the particle level elements of which the objects composed. Such a dramatic experimental verification, already achieved by Dr. Shipov and his team in Bangkok, surely provides a major global platform for the focus on physics desired by WYP 2005.

In support of his claims please allow me to briefly outline the development of Shipov’s achievement.

Einstein believed that the strategic goal of theoretical physics – a Unified Field Theory – could not be achieved by inductive reasoning based upon an analysis of any experimental data base instead he proposed a deductive approach. Three scientists followed this direction with outstanding results, namely. Roger Penrose, Moshe Carmelli and most recently Gennady Shipov.

Dr. Roger Penrose is famous for his twister theory – «always rotating» elementary objects, that serve as a construction base for all the elementary particles, implying all the material objects in our world as well.

Moreover Penrose (jointly with Ezra Newman) proposed a novel method to solve Einstein’s equations (well- known NP formalism) which Gennady Shipov regards as the equations of physical vacuum, generalizing vacuum Einstein’s equations.

Moshe Carmelli is a scientific grandson of Einstein, because his teacher -Nathan Rosen- had been Einstein’s disciple. Moshe Carmelli, made the first steps on the development of the rotational relativity theory, that studies angular coordination (for example Euler angles) as the elements of a spacetime continuum (Einstein’s theory is translational). That allowed him to introduce rotational space metrics into theory that was absent in both the Special and General Relativity Theories.

This idea had been further developed by Gennady Shipov, who connected rotational metrics with Ricci torsion fields and demonstrated rotational relativity brings (deduces) every motion to rotation.

From the beginning of his scientific career, Gennady Shipov has devoted his life to the implementation of Einstein’s Field Theory program, the first part of which had been solved by the geometrization of the electromagnetic field equations by using parametric Riemann geometry. The second part has been solved by the geometrization of the energy-momentum tensors in Einstein’s equations by applying the geometry of absolute parallelism (Einstein published 13 articles about that geometry) which describes not only Riemann curvature, but also Ricci spacetime rotation. Further Dr. Shipov proved that the well-known system of Newman-Penrose equations describes the structure of the physical vacuum and happen to be the UFT equations searched by Einstein.

The proof of this assertion depends upon the physical vacuum equations which resulted in a new forth generalization of classical Newton mechanics- when all the motions lead to rotation (Cartesian inspired). The principle object of study in new mechanics became an oriented point (in Newton mechanics this is just a point!). The space-time of new mechanics represents a 10 dimensional fiber bundle, with 4 translational coordinates as a base, and 6 angular as a fiber. Such spaces have been used in the physics of elementary particles to describe the inner symmetries (gauge theories).

For the experimental verification Dr. Gennady Shipov of this theoretical conclusion, a group of Russian scientists, headed by Gennady Shipov, Academic of RANS, in Bangkok, have created 4-d Warp Drive, the motion of which can only be described by new mechanics, not by Newtonian mechanics. The scientists have experimentally proven that by operating in the space time procession it will be possible to move in space without a conventional jet-engine, i.e. to create v-Teleportation of the moving object in motion system. This has created the experimental foundation for the construction of a «universal engine».

According to the author of the new mechanics, Dr. Gennady Shipov, v-Teleportation is only one part of technological horizons opened up by New Mechanics. The applications of its equations in electrodynamics have laid the scientific foundation for electro-torsional generators. In Russia, as well as in other countries, these technologies have been intensely developed, especially the previously mentioned generators.

Dear Colleagues, in order to achieve your WYP 2005 objectives we urge you to consider spotlighting the work of Dr. Gennady Shipov, inspired successor to Einstein, who brings to our world, at a time of desperate need for the generalization of Newtonian mechanics – the Unified Field Theory.


Marina Lobova

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